1. Food Republic will supply, on request, its food and drink products.

2. Food Republic will deliver only to sites that have been expressly agreed in advance between the customer & Food Republic. The delivery shall be free of any charge only if the minimum order requirements have been adhered to or we have consented to waiver in writing.

3. Orders can be placed by email on [email protected] or by PHONE  0330 5555 888.

4. In the event of any products/invoice supplied by Food Republic to the customer being considered unacceptable, Food Republic undertake to credit these on the following conditions:

4.1 The customer informs Food Republic by close of business on the day of delivery and provides use by date, batch code and photos of the item if required.

4.2 The products are kept for inspection by Food Republic, however Food Republic may waive this right at their discretion.

4.3 The products have been stored appropriately and in compliance with paragraph 6.

5. Chilled products supplied by Food Republic should be stored in a refrigerated container that can maintain a constant temperature in the range of 2°C to 5°C

6. Each delivery made by Food Republic to the customer will be accompanied by a delivery note OR invoice which must be signed for by an authorized person. Where it might have been agreed that deliveries will be made overnight, Food Republic’s driver will leave the goods in the agreed location and the delivery note or invoice will be signed by Food Republic’s driver on behalf of the customer. It is the customers responsibility to check goods in the morning and report to Food Republic if there are any issues as per paragraph 4.

7. The customer accepts and adheres to the payment terms set by Food Republic which will be sent by email together with the Welcome Pack. Food Republic reserves the rights to inform their Credit Insurance company of any overdue debt which may implement additional charges to the customer. Food Republic may suspend deliveries until an account is settled in full.

8. Food Republic reserves the right to review pricing at any time.

9. Food Republic reserves the rights to alter / change terms and conditions without notice to you.